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ONE™ Model for Organizational & Executive Coaching

Organizational Level

Leading Transformational Change: Coaching helps visionary leaders who see the need for movement away from “business as usual” respond to political, emotional, and rational resistance to change.

Organizational Leadership Development: Coaching impacts the organization as a whole. Integrating coaching as a standard business tool into your existing leadership, training, and development programs leverages your investment and maximizes long-term results.

Network Level

Teambuilding: Coaching and experiential learning programs improve the way teams work together by focusing on strategic issues and mastering new - more subtle and powerful - communication skills.

Creating Cross-Divisional Team Alignment: Coaching provides a safe, organized structure for getting to the heart of challenging issues and managing conflict. Coaching reduces the risk of strategy derailment and maintains alignment to vision as changes occur and differences play out.

Executive Level

Executive Coaching: Executive management is required to meet a broad range of needs, respond to unique pressures, and control complex situations. Working with a coach to provide an objective, outside, third-party perspective is invaluable in gaining new insight into decision-making.

Leadership Effectiveness: New leaders and “targeted high potentials” benefit by working with a coach to develop skills required for increasing levels of responsibility and create the kind of positive climate needed for higher levels of team productivity.

Transitioning: Coaching helps new executives and those in transition make the most of the first 90 days, avoid common pitfalls, reduce time needed for new learning, and build high-functioning teams.