Areion, Inc.

Experiential Learning

Through a combination of coaching and interaction with horses, Areion provides an optional and unique experiential learning opportunity to maximize professional development for executives and teams.

Equestrian Programs focus on leadership, communication and teambuilding. Proven benefits can be integrated into existing management philosophies and leadership styles. Results include greater clarity, improved collaboration, motivation and fun. No riding experience is necessary.

Why the Horse?

Working with horses is a memorable experience. As prey animals, the horse has a very rapid response time and relies on the energy of body language, mood and non-verbal sources of information to communicate and survive. A stimulus unnoticed by humans is often cause for alarm for horses. Consequently, horses have a low tolerance for incongruent behavior and will respond predictably to subtle cues.

Horses are one of the most perceptive animals. They are patiently resilient and give truthful feedback with no agenda. Time and again, the behavior of the horse will accurately reflect inner states of mind and physical energetic presence.

The horse is a social animal where a natural hierarchy is always established and each member plays an important role in the survival of the group. This natural leadership system can play an effective role in evaluating our current notions of leadership and encourage new ways of thinking about team management in the corporate environment.

Very few people have a neutral reaction to horses. To interact with horses, one needs to be emotionally and bodily present and aware. The physical reality of the horse elicits emotions and behaviors that set the stage for developing greater levels of awareness as participants see the impact of their reactions and communications magnified by the horse.

Equine programs are creative and innovative - not for everyone but highly effective. Those willing to pursue non-traditional learning experiences can expect to see Areion “horse sense” unlock new doors to powerful communication in the workplace.