Areion, Inc.

Organizational & Executive Coaching

Organizational and Executive Coaching has become one of the most successful business tools available to management today. It is a relatively new field that provides practical management training with an additional focus on emotional intelligence and personal development skills.

It works because the dynamic of a coaching relationship inherently provides a structure conducive to sustained behavioral change. The process helps to clarify issues beyond a superficial level. It provides on-going support through day-to-day real life challenges, discouraging the tendency to fall back into comfort zones and old behavior patterns.

As the world becomes more interconnected, complex, and dynamic, decision-makers are seeing that commitment to developing leadership capacity at all levels is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in order to compete.

Areion Coaching

Areion brings a broad range of experience and professional success to each coaching engagement, as well as a network of coaching, counseling, academic, business and other professionals. Our aim is to provide superior, custom coaching services to the organizations and individuals we serve.

We bring a strategic, results-oriented, systems approach to the organizational and executive coaching partnership.

Results-Oriented: Outcomes and metrics of coaching engagements are connected to the overall needs of the business and the challenges faced by the individual client.

Systems Perspective: The process takes into consideration the dynamics of the complete system, as well as the interdependence of its parts. Coaching engagements typically include custom 360-survey analysis and feedback loops.

Strategic Partnership: We consider our clients business partners. Each engagement is customized to include all aspects of life that are relevant to the business environment as we work together to achieve desired goals over a period of time.